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Jake Shillingford's Exile Inside will soon be back with a second album that's been in the pipeline for a couple of months should be out some time first quarter of 2005 according to the website. The Exile Inside project, which is an unusual one in the music industry is fully funded by fans. 'Investor Angels' are called on to donate money to the band and there's a whole host of goodies available for those that do, apparently.

And it looks like it's working, with a goal of 5 albums in 5 years - this being the second, it looks like the scheme is working.

The music and lyrical content is a much darker species than Jake's previous band My Life Story's orchestral pop sound. The first single, 'Xerox,' from the album EI060, follow up to debut EI034 can be downloaded (after registering) here

And more about the band and its fight against the Industry can be found here

My Life Story split in 2001, after recording 3 albums:

Mornington Crescent (1995)
Golden Mile (1997)
Joined Up Talking (2000)

my life story - sparkle

my life story - strumpet

my life story - neverland


Blogger Steve said...

Is neverland from the band's last album? I kind of lost interest by then and never really paid much attention to it

10 January 2005 at 04:14  
Blogger Anti Hero said...

yeah it was on the last album, Joined Up Talking, Steve.

10 January 2005 at 12:45  

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