Trembling Blue Stars/Field Mice

Another Trembling Blue Stars album, another lovelorn, moody, introspective album. Would you expect any more, or less from Bob Wratten?

Seven Autumn Flowers, the fifth album of a project that follows Bob Wratten's previous bands The Field Mice and Northern Picture Library - carries on in the same brooding vein as Her Handwriting, Broken By Whispers, Alive To Every Smile and Lips That Taste of Fear.

The Sea Is So Quiet

The album was preceded by an EP Southern Skies Appear Brighter, with the leading single Helen Reddy, a bright pop song with good lyrics, it's easy to see why it was the first single off the album and can be downloaded from the band's label, the excellent Elefant Records.

The EP also includes four non-album tracks A Beginning of a Kind, Open Skies, One Wish Granted and Hurry Home Through The Crowds

Also here for download are:

Never Loved You More from Lips That Taste of Tears.

Sensitive from the Field Mice album Coastal.

Last September's Farewell Kiss from the Northern Picture Library album Alaska.


Blogger Tom said...

LTM are re-issuing the Field Mice output. See http://home.wxs.nl/%7Efrankbri/index.html for more.

10 January 2005 at 19:57  
Blogger Anti Hero said...

hi Tom! yeah I'd read that the other day on your site, that's great news, about time they got reissued!

10 January 2005 at 20:00  

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