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We'll be starting off the musical randomness today with The Long Winters, a band who should be far more widely known than they are right now, so I thought I'd spread the word a little. The 2 albums they've recorded The Worst You Can Do Is Harm and When I Pretend To Fall show the band have a quirky brand of music and lyrics, with a melody that will have you singing along in seconds...

The Long Winters - The New Girl

They also have full-length mp3s available for download here - check 'em out!

Damien Rice, that guy who was on nearly everyone's music lists in 2003, remember him? yes? good! well, he used to be in a band called Juniper, but he left them to go solo - did the rest of the band sit around crying? no! they recorded 2 albums with the new band Bell x1, Neither Am I and Music In Mouth - both of which have moments of brilliance which you can sample here (Beautiful Madness) and here (Eve The Apple of my Eye)

And now we move on to a full menu at the Twee Corner.

The Love Letter Band - Blind
Snow Fairies - Lovers In The Countryside
Laura Watling - Wonderful Disappointment
Tiny Microphone - Answering Machine Girlfriend
Empress - Vodka and the Verlaines


The Go-Betweens

Australian band the Go-Betweens returned in 2002 with their eighth album Bright Yellow, Bright Orange, the follow-up to The Friends of Rachel Worth, which was the first album for the band after an hiatus of 12 years since the previous album 16 Lovers Lane which was originally released in 1988. Nothing much has changed though. The archtypal jangly guitar sound associated with the band is there, the band's sense of melody is still there, the lyrics still find their foundations in every day life. So here's a few songs for you all...

From Bright Yellow, Bright Orange:

Too Much of One Thing
Something For Myself

From The Friends of Rachel Worth:

When She Sang About Angels

From Tallulah:

Right Here
The House That Jack Kerouac Built

From 16 Lovers Lane:

Streets of your Town