A return, of sorts

As some of you noticed I disappeared 6 months or so ago. This is mostly due to me not owning a computer anymore. I am somewhat surprised that this place is still getting visitors after all this time! From now on I shall try to post once a week, if I can.

Anyway, for now - here's something to keep you going on with.

First up is Aussie band Powderfinger. I have no idea how well known this band is, but they should rule the world. This song, These Days is my favourite.

The next two are by a bands who deserve a little more attention than they get, in my opinion.

The first is It Just Is by Rilo Kiley.

The second is The Day We Left The World Behind by Healing Fields - more about the band can be found here

This next one is a step back in time. Remember Alex Chilton? Big Star? Yes? Here's Thirteen.

The last two have a distinctly 'religious' feel.

The first is a song by a band called The Bible. Don't let the name put you off (if you're not religious, that is) the song is a good slice of 80's indie pop from their 1988 album 'Eureka' - Honey, Be Good

The second, judging by the band's website is a religous/christian band - again don't let that put you off. This song, Frail is just as it's title suggests, a sad, frail lament.

That will do for now - hope you have enjoyed and it was worth the wait!

If you want more, you know the drill - leave comments! and I shall return with some more next week.